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    • North America's Leading

      Cut & Sew Contract Manufacturer





    • Craftsmanship isn't something that is stumbled upon. It's a passion. It's seeing beauty in the product. It's creating excellence. For over a couple decades Birkova Products has been modifying and molding their products and services to connect supply and demand through ingenuity and quality to many industries.

      • Medical Specialized Manufacturing

        Collaboration Improving quality within industries we come in touch with can be a complex task. We have made collaboration with our cleints' one of most important core principles. The benefits of working in a partnership will allow us to pass further benefits to you.
      • Commercial Specialized Manufacturing

        Synergetics Offering a wide selection of products as we do for many different industries can seem to be daunting at times. But with diligence and clarity, we strive to bring the balance of price and quality to the American manufacturing industry.

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    • Medical Industry

    • Undeniably the Medical Industry is highly regarded for innovation and quality. When we started in the industry we quickly developed the core values and take pride in being referred to as the Gold Standard of the medical industry.

      • Design & Quality

        Collaboration Being a cut & sew manufacturer offers countless opportunities to modernize and edit our inputs and outputs of our process. Keeping up with the industry is something that is doable, keeping ahead of the industry is really what counts.
      • Manufacturing

        Synergetics Working with so many different raw materials we believe collaboration is what presents a truly significant product. We believe that using the resources we have here in our country is what counts. Made in the USA is something that we are passionate about and proud to represent.
      • Applications

        Sewing Whether it be a product that is used every day or something that needs to be constructed for a particular procedure we have been involved in every area. Our team is highly skilled in product design, prototypes and manufacturing to ensure the correct outcome, every time.

      • Medical Store


    • A journey usually starts with a destination. As that journey unfolds comes many twists and turns. Birkova Products core started in the Medical Industry and has moved in directions we never thought possible. We are excited to be able offer so much more in so many more industries.

      • Customizable

        Collaboration Whether it be a new product or an established brand, Birkova Products works to customize their process to establish a product that is known and trusted in the industry for many years. Using our state of the art facilities we are able to deliver a complete custom product geared to your business.
      • Punctuality

        Synergetics A deadline sets the pace of a project flow. But meeting deadlines can often be problematic, even with adequate planning, so at Birkova Products we aim to work out the most efficient plan of execution by breaking down projects and delivering on time, every time.
      • Scope

        Sewing Our core values and work principles allows Birkova Products to be involved in so many industries. We pride ourselves in the diligence and knowledge that is brought to the table with every project. Increased product knowledge for the client and consumer is something that we strive to deliver.



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