​Medical Pads - Down to the Basics

​Medical Pads - Down to the Basics

On 26th May 2020

Medical Pads - Down to the Basics

Can’t seem to find that perfect pad for your surgical table with the perfect fit and comfort? No problem, Birkova Products has your back. You have the concept, me make it happen. Customize your medical pads to fit the needs of your surgical room. Custom to your specifications we take your product from concept to completion in a timely and budget friendly manner.

What are Birkova Products pads made of?

From the inside out - Foam core:

Birkova Products LLC has 4 different series of pads that vary in structure to meet every medical need. Our series include different styles, layers, and composites to fit all medical conditions. All of our products are latex-free, flame resistant and non-deformable. Whether your patient is high-risk, low-risk, bariatric, etc. - we have your needs covered. All of our pad core products are sourced from the United States to achieve the highest quality. High-quality foam not only improves patient comfort but also reduces the risk of pressure ulcers.

  1. Our standard and most common series consists of a Medium Firm High-Density foam that is 2” thick. This pad is recommended to be used on low risk patients for short duration procedures.
  2. The Pro-Tek series is designed for pressure management. The overall thickness of this pad is 2.5” and is made up of medium firm high-density comfort foam base layer and a top layer of anti-sheer Pro-tek Memory Foam. This series is recommended for use on high risk patients and on patients with medium to long duration procedures.
  3. With ultimate patient comfort in mind we designed the Integra-Gel Series. This series is recommended for high risk and heavy weight patients. Constructed of medium firm high-density comfort foam, a layer of anti-sheer Pro-Tek Memory foam, and a top layer of visco polymer Gel the pad has a total thickness of 3”.
  4. More often than not the patient comfort of Bariatric patients is forgotten - for this reason we specially designed a pad made specifically for the comfort of bariatric patients. This pad is 4” thick overall with a high-density firm foam base layer, Medium Firm High-Density foam, and a layer of anti-sheer Pro-tek Memory foam. Recommended for low - high risk bariatric patients.

High-Quality, Medical Grade, Durable Vinyl:

When it comes to the patient's comfort, well-manufactured surgical table pads can make all the difference. All of our vinyl’s are healthcare grade, fluid proof, stain and tear resistant, flame retardant, anti-microbial and latex free. Birkova Products offers many different styles of vinyl. Customize the feel and style of your medical pad through the use of different vinyl’s. Even customize the colors of your pad through the choice of 9 custom colors. You can get your preferred pads or pad sets in a new look to fit different departments, needs, and preferences of your medical professionals.

Learn more about customizing the color of your medical pads here >> Custom Colors

The 3 most common styles used:

  1. Standard Vinyl: The standard vinyl consists of electrically conductive materials that helps to control electrostatic discharge and the accumulation of static charge which may interfere with sensitive electronic equipment. In addition to being electronically conductive this vinyl is fluid-proof and antimicrobial. Being fluid proof allows for greater infection prevention. The antimicrobial factors help to eliminate bacteria and germs and kill microorganisms or stop their growth. The standard vinyl on top of this all is very durable making it a great choice for the wear and tear of hospitals.
  2. 2-Way Stretch Vinyl: The 2-way stretch vinyl is healthcare grade, fluid proof, stain and tear resistant, flame retardant, anti-microbial and latex free. On top of this all our 2-Way Stretch Soft Vinyl now has 9 FREE color upgrades available! Choose and customize the color of your pads to fit the needs and preferences of the medical professionals. 2-Way Stretch Vinyl adds patient comfort, has a soft feel, matte finish, and stretches in 2 directions.
  3. 4-Way Stretch Vinyl: The 4-way stretch healthcare premium vinyl is also healthcare grade, fluid proof, stain and tear resistant, flame retardant, anti-microbial and latex free. This vinyl has an ultra-soft feel, matte finish, and stretches in 4 directions.

The Pad design:

Quality is our #1 priority. Birkova Products medical pads and stretchers are all made in the USA. With quality, details, comfort and care always on our checklist, Birkova Products pad design has been created to give you and your patients the best. Our waterfall edge pad design was created due to their efficiency and easy cleaning without sacrificing the overall comfort of the pad for the patients. On top of our pads giving patients the maximum comfort possible the waterfall edge cushion design also reduces the risk of infection. Medical pads with a sewn edge have fluids that stay trapped on the surface of the pad making it less comfortable and higher risk of causing infections. While with the waterfall edge, everything is easily disposed down away from the cushion.

What can be customized?

We offer custom pads in all styles; OR Table Cushion Sets, Stretcher Pads, Positioners, Hospital Bed Mattresses, Radiology, and other desired medical pads. Whether you need a specific-sized OR table pad set or an intricate patient positioner - we have your needs covered! simply give us a call at 888.567.4502 or get a quote here >> Quote your Custom Pad